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BPG Plc.'s shares are traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange under the symbol BPGR. BPG is registered with the Securities Market Agency as a Commodity Fund.

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BPG, GTMS and Grant Thornton's Assessment Value Report

BPG Precious Metal Storage Fund PLC (Ticker: BPGR, ISIN: SI0031117128) (“BPG“) is an alternative investment fund listed on the Vienna stock... read more

14.04.2022 • By BPG d.d.

BPG acquired a 51% equity stake in Green Tech Mining and Services LLC

BPG Precious Metal Storage PLC (Ticker: BPGR, ISIN: SI0031117128) („BPG“) is an alternative investment fund. BPGR’s shares are listed on the... read more

21.11.2021 • By BPG d.d.